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Séeance at Tiffany's Partner Artists & Consignor's

The creative team at Séance at Tiffany's includes local artists and consignors who share our vision of providing customers with exclusive and original items. We are proud to partner with them to bring beauty and healing to our community. Get to know our team by exploring below.

Heather Dorsche Creation's

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Heather Dorsch is a local self proclaimed solitary green witch and nature lover with a bachelor's degree in Illustration and a passion for helping the environment.  She currently has several murals and art pieces viewable at the Elgin Public Museum and uses social media to educate about endangered species, native Illinois species and other fascinating plants and animals and their roles in the ecosystem, their  life and death cycle, modern uses, and more. Heather's acknowledgement of death as a part of life has led to a fascination with horror films and an appreciation of some of the more morbid aspects of the natural world.  Her love of nature is apparent in her work available as prints, stickers, jewelry, tote bags, t-shirts, terrariums and other decorative items.  Please inquire about commissions at


Church of Dust

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The Church of Dust is the sculpture studio of Bradley Cahill. Married sculptor, and father of three,
lives West of Chicago and dreams of the sea

Crystal Addiction & Adoption

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Our crystals are from our local crystal connoisseur, Sandy Byland Pillsbury, and we offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you're looking to add to your collection or purchase crystals for spiritual and healing purposes, we have everything you need to get started. Stop by our store or browse or check out her Facebook Group and let her help you find the perfect crystal for any desire.


Raven's Wing

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Maggie Ravenswing - Elemental Priestess & Dragon Oracle. also the owner and curator of Raven's Wing - Homemade Hand-Crafted Metaphysical Wares.  

"The Goal of Life is Living in Harmony with Nature"

Redhead By Design

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Redhead by Design specializes in themed sun catchers designed to bring whimsy, light, and happiness to your space.

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