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Spiritual crossroads

I am beyond grateful for so many things in my life. Seriously couldn't thank the universe enough at this point. I am choosing to focus on what is going right. I know that obsession over what isn't working will only bring more of it.

That being said, I have to give myself the opportunity to not settle. I've been finding it challenging, like many of you; to balance the practical and the spiritual. The 3d and the 5d world split we are experiencing as a collective, and individuals.

Some of the people we love most might not be on board with all of our goals, dreams, ideas, beliefs. They might even be nudging us to be more humanly. To do things the way it's been done for so long. Where will that get us though? We know we can't do that.

I realized after having a conversation with a beautiful soul I had only known for a hour; I can't pretend anymore. I no longer want to settle, or to do something because it makes sense in the 3d. I trust in myself and the universe enough to know what I am here for. I used to pray and beg source to help me function the way others do. I wanted so badly to be able to handle all the things it takes to thrive in the matrix.

I now see I am exactly who I am supposed to be, and where I am supposed to be. If I were so great at working a normal 9 to 5, socializing with large amounts of people, sticking with a schedule every day of my life this business.....The beautiful connections I've made....The things that fill my soul with the most love and light...wouldn't exist for me. If I were cleaning churches, behind a screen at a desk, or slinging fancy food a country club, I am not sure I would have ever had the courage or time to do it.

Some people are great at all of these things. My best friend/ soul Sister, and business partner Randi can wear 5 different hats and do it like a badass! She has fully learned how to balance the 2 worlds. I look up to her in so many ways. Her skills, knowledge, talent, fierce attitude, Magickal abilities, love for all beings, and hilarious personality.. constantly blows me away. Yes she had great teachers and was always encouraged to just be herself. And that is the best thing we can do for others. But it also takes determination, belief in self, and a thirst for knowledge. I'm so lucky to have her in my life and l look up to her so much. 💓

I guess what I am getting at is I'm looking for my thing. To balance the 2. Or I have to completely jump in and have faith in the things I am most passionate about, that I feel could help so many; carry me. Carry me to my field of dreams , over my mountain of fears. I have to appreciate what I have, where I'm at, and who I am. Just the way I am right now in this moment. I trust that it is for a reason. It's time to fully embrace all of my abilities, strengths, talents, and gifts. And share it with the world. I can't blend in, and I learned from the best that I don't have to settle with just wearing 1 hat!!!!

I love my family so much. So lucky to have my kiddos and my dream guy. 💓 I don't want to disappoint him. I don't want to put more pressure on him. I am praying he will understand and see the signs that I keep seeing. I know he believes in me, even if he doesn't believe in as much occult or spirituality.

He looks at me with such joy, love and appreciation when we play music together. On stage and at home, always encouraging me. He has seen me do readings , watched the Magick that happens during them. And every day he sees more and more how telepathy works. 🤣 🤣 The angel numbers and synchronicities.

The best way to open the minds of others is to just be an example of truth. Of Magick and light and love. To show up as ourselves, unapologetically. No matter how many or how little hats we wear. Now it's more important than ever that we continue to raise the vibration of the planet. Live out of love and not fear. I can no longer do things just because it pays the bills. I can no longer pretend that my purpose is to do what others think I should. Or what makes "sense" to them.

I truly believe if I continue to align to my purpose. Keep believing in this beautiful life experience. And stay grateful for what I have, all the other stuff will come in time ×3. It will happen so swiftly that we might be overwhelmed with the abundance that shows up, in many forms. Let us all claim and call back our true purpose, our soul gifts, our greatest forms of expression. Be YOU and shine your light.

  • ALL walls of lack and limitation now crumble around me.

DOORWAYS of opportunities and success are OPEN to me now.* Affirm


Shari Potter

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