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Step into Séance at Tiffany’s, where the tapestry of magic is woven with threads of divers


Discover a haven of mystical wonders at Séance at Tiffany’s - Healing Arts Studio and Metaphysical Boutique in the heart of Downtown Dekalb. Immerse yourself in the enchantment as our eclectic space invites you to explore the beauty of the mystical arts. From tarot guidance to a curated selection of herbs, crystals, and oils, we embrace seekers of all paths and practices. Our knowledgeable team awaits to guide you on your spiritual journey. Step into a world where magic meets charm at Séance at Tiffany’s – your one-stop destination for all things metaphysical and beyond.

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Offerings from Séance at Tiffany's

Personal Tarot Readings

Experience a unique and personal tarot reading with Shari, our Mystic Intuitive Tarot Reader. Shari will provide a custom-tailored tarot reading to help you gain clarity and insight into the questions and concerns of your life. Let Shari's expertise guide you to the answers you seek.

COMING SOON Permanent Makeup Services

Randi Kay, a recognized expert in permanent makeup, brings her expertise and unwavering commitment to every client.  At Seance at Tiffany's, we believe in enhancing individual beauty, focusing on inner confidence and uniqueness. Whether you seek eyebrow definition, eyeliner enhancement, or lip coloration, our personalized, long-lasting solutions are crafted to reflect your style. Our dedication to precision, safety, and customization ensures flawless, trusted results. 

Essential Items

Crystal & Charm Filled Intention Spell Candles

Séance at Tiffany's Team

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Heather Dorsche

Heather Dorsche Creations


Sandy Byland Pillsbury

Crystal Addiction & Adoption


Brad Cahill

Church of Dust


Maggie Ravenswing

Raven's Wing


Kelley Klamen-Ritsche

Redhead By Design

Séance at Tiffany's Co-Owners, Soul Sisters & Best Friends

Meet our Partner Artists & Consignors


Join The Collective

A place for all the Creators. In all 4 Corners and everywhere in between. Calling all Painters, Musicians, Artists, Mystic Clairvoyants, Crafters, Tattoo Artists, Photographers, Dancers, Furniture Repurposers, whatever-ers. If you feel you’ve got a creative soul- if you rap battle yourself in your bathroom. If you sketched something on a napkin that you thought looked kinda dope. If you wake up with a desire to - Vibe, Jam, Create, Learn, Share, Grow. Share your creations and talents and businesses, Share your magic, advice, tips, guidance, and opportunities… Invite invite invite! We've got some really cool co-creator opportunities in the works. Let’s Jam. 

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Courses in The Craft

Our Tarot and Divination Courses will provide you with the tools and knowledge to read tarot cards and divine the future. With this program, you will receive a free tarot deck, so that you can get started on your journey of divination. We also offer lifetime access to the complete tarot program, so that you can continue to learn and deepen your knowledge.  

Check out our Free and Paid Course Offerings COMING SOON

Tarot Cards


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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
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